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Tama Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Saigetsu' by these artists:

Alstroemeria Records 月の光は 今宵も綺麗で 彩りながら 夜も更けてゆく 逢いたい気持ち 今は届かなくて 咲いた桜が 私を包んでた 足早に去る…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Tama:

Oka つむじ風のように回ってる いつからか退屈に 感じるようになった日々 それでも小さな出来事に心は揺れ 迷ってばかり 少しだ…
Strange Days さりげなく初めから 佇んでいるこの世界 どうして出来たのか よく判らないままで どうにかそれを描こうとしている 何よりも…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


03. 歳月 (Midnight Moon Walker Remix) (??:??)
Years (Midnight Moon Walker Remix)
arrangement: Coro
lyrics: 笥箪
vocals: たま
original title: 砕月
source: 東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power

No idea who Midnight Moon Walker would be.

All comments from YouTube:

P.Dr. Lah

Love her voice, my mind feels so peaceful.


Awesome upload Miku! ~♥


hmm i like the style ^w^

Larissa Santos



One of the weirdest japanese remixes i got to hear lately :P


+Danesu Dan This song is an arrangement of Broken Moon from one of the Touhou fighting spinoff games, Immaterial and Missing Power.

Danesu Dan

I see, thank you!


Touhou is a Japanese game and by song I mean that it's an arrange of an original song I can't trace back which song to be exact but I'll give you an example, there is a song called:
EastNewSound - effulgence

Which is an arrange of Ten Desires / Desire Dream and it's a staff roll theme

Danesu Dan

+xAvitaLT Maybe a lame question, but what is a Touhou song?


@TriDanceMusic It's a remix of a Touhou song

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