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Love Fade
Tamaryn Lyrics

Tender heart
Tender sea
In the sun
we can't descend

Under citylights
a silver ring
on the sea
enough to say

I fade
I, love fade
as the sun rise

warstruck wine
washed this skin
downimprinted life
across your bed

I fade
I, love fade
as the sun rise

I fade
I, love fade
as the sun descends

Contributed by Declan T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ruel Harvey

Music like this needs to be more popular. This is perfect for driving at night with all the windows down

Hugo Hernando Falla Morán

No. When something gets popular, it sucks


mini annie ipad yeah, both very overrated and pop trash


mini annie ipad people are dumb

angela kammerer

@Island beast Not really. but okay. nice try

angela kammerer

@Island beast i guess if you consider sonic youth and my bloody valentine as manufactured pop trash, then yes. yes i do.

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Thiago Martins

This music taste better at 3:00AM

Don Sulis

It was exactly fucking 3:00AM when I read your comment! Which is spot on, by the way. Perfect music before dawn.

Old Email Address

What a lovely song to stumble into.

Troy Battles

My thoughts exactly, 5 years later. What a blessing music is.

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