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Love Fade
Tamaryn Lyrics

Tender heart
Tender sea
In the sun
we can't descend

Under citylights
a silver ring
on the sea
enough to say

I fade
I, love fade
as the sun rise

warstruck wine
washed this skin
downimprinted life
across your bed

I fade
I, love fade
as the sun rise

I fade
I, love fade
as the sun descends

Contributed by Declan T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Darticus the Great

Turn the love
Turn the sea
In the sun
We can descend
Under city lights
A silver ring
I'm missing
I'm not the same

Ah, fade. Ah, love fade
As the sun dies

Walls struck white
Washed the skin
Diamond pointed light
across their backs

Ah, fade. Ah, love fade
As the sunlight

Ah, fade. Ah, love fade
As the sun descends

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Ruel Harvey

Music like this needs to be more popular. This is perfect for driving at night with all the windows down

Jordan Ewart

Driving alone


imagine having working windows

-from an e46 owner

Victory Mansions

Fuck, I can't drive, but next time I'm in a car I am so doing that. Just wish I lived in America so I could do it on a huge open desert highway or some shit

Jimme Topramen

@Hugo Hernando Falla Morán lol hush,child. That's me true at all

Jimme Topramen

Just got this CD and I definitely did that, also I was stoned lol

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Ronald Gainer

10 years later and it’s still a banger......timeless.

michelle g

Yes 🙌


Jeez this is just what shoegazing needs. This genre needs to be fucking revived, this is amazing

Marcus M

What a time to be alive. Mercurys Antenna, Tameryn, Dum Dum Girls, The Black Ryder. SF had quite the scene back in the day.

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