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Tisnant An Chatma
by Tamikrest

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Fassous Tarahnet Fassouse tarhaness dagh manin wartazaye Takal derhane n'oulh…

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Comments from YouTube:

mark white

I'm a po' white boy from the rural Midlands of England and this music speaks to me, I don't care why... Long live the blues x

GEne G

The suffuring of my sisters ( Tisnant an Chatma )

Others have been beaten in their own bodies
We can no longer accept this fact
They did this today , and despite everything we will march tomorrow and the day after...
We women will march as long as women have not recovered their freedom on this earth
We will march in Azawad

Who can estimate the suffuring felt by the soul ?
Of one who sees her sisters exhausted from waiting
Of one who sees her sisters exhausted from waiting between countries , in deep distress
And daily oppression ?

The Sisters are waiting for their freedom
Which is hindered by the discord sown in their brothers ' breasts ,
And which prevents agreement

K Ahmed

Thank you


Another magnificent tuareg band.....desert blues is truly my jam. My favorite music!

Sharon Laughingwater

Now this makes me cry every time I hear it I love yet I can only go by how it moves me and I do not know the language I want to know some of these things that are not clear to me those with understanding I will not need to go forward I will appreciate your knowledge~..

Ali Louahidi

Im an Amazigh North African from Morocco 🇲🇦.
honestly ,The Amazighs are frankly one of the most peaceful people in the world. Our ancestors coexisted with all religions and all African and European and arabic races.
Much love for all humanity over the world♥️. Enough of wars and racism and hate

GEne G

La souffrance de mes soeurs
" certaines ont été blessées
d'autres frappées , meurtries dans leurs chairs ,
Nous ne pouvons plus accepter cela
Ils le font aujourd'hui et malgré tout , nous marcherons demain et après demain ...
nous marcherons tant que les femmes ne retrouverons pas la liberté sur leur terre .
Nous marcherons dans l'Azawad "
Qui peut estimer la souffrance de l'âme
de celui qui observe ses soeurs épuisées par la contrainte de vivre
un tel sort
de celui qui observe ses soeurs épuisées par l'errance entre les pays , dans la profonde douleur et l'oppression quotidienne ?
Attendant une libération que freine une haine entre frères hostiles à toute entente

othman othman

Chatma Means My Sister

Abdellah Abdou

Chatma veut dire mes sœurs

Djallal Abbes

En kabyle on dit weltma ,cest presque pareil

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