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Love on a Real Train
Tangerine Dream Lyrics


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Bert Butler

​@shane brady I do agree with your intellectual curiosity and reading lots of books, I did and still do the same as you.
I quit playing guitar in 1977. I had already an higher education in graphical arts but I decided, when I got married in 1978, to go back to University,
I obtained a Masters in Psychology and I made a carreer in business life.
After 40 years, in 2007, I started working with music again (software - DAW - Digital Audio Workstation) and I make mostly cover versions of existing music, from classical to jazz; rock etc.
You can find some of my music on my youtube channel or over here :

So, I got into music again as a - fulltime hobby - but this time in a digital way.


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Jesus this was good. I didn't think the original version, which I still often listen to for nostalgic meditation, could be beat but this version comes pretty close.


imho this is better

Scott Harrington

Yes !! Jesus is so good !!!

Francisco Rafael


Dr. Abuze

@Borszczuk I agree its pretty close to perfect... Small things...


@Dr. Abuze Yep, the clap sticks out too much for me too. But I learned to live with it as it does not really affect the whole performance which is simply fantastic. I think I even started to airdrum these claps :)

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If you are here, we get each other. I honor you.

Charlie J

Thank you and I respect you for your wisdom

Euron Llyr Jones

@Mya Syphrit we sure are one

Euron Llyr Jones

What a beautiful thing to say

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