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Tar...Feathers Lyrics

Enjoy your beer alone, and your fingernails.
I would like to try if I would like to fail.
Don't you like your life? It's difficult to tell.
I would like to die if I'd like to go to hell.
You must like your room.
You've been in there all night, are you OK?
Damn right I am.
I like my room, my door, and to shut it in your face.
And you push yourself to the wall.
We all know it's just an act.
Yeah and I would like to kiss if I'd like to kiss ass.
And when our clock strikes two, his clock strikes cuckoo.

Oh hell, oh well, did you see me out late with my fingers pressed hard against a monkeys tail?
It was running fast and running fast and towards my grave.
I knew where it would lead me but I followed anyway.
Is that rum? Then pour me some 'cause I want to play.
Here a pirate comes, a thirsty one, you better make way.
I'm the captain of this ship so don't you tell me it's too late.
You know where I will lead you.
You will follow anyway.
360 degrees of sea makes a plate.
Make way for the ocean floor to fall to the surface.
Sail past the rocks with the singing mermaids.
Keep the course straight.
I know where they will lead me.
Follow anyway.
And when our clock strikes two, his clock strikes cuckoo.

I would love to stay, stupid me.
I would love some place to be.
Some place is just some place to me.
I guess I will follow anywhere.
I've been drunk for weeks and weeks.
All know where it leads, don't we?
I've run out of ways to be.
I guess I can swallow anything.

(Go through this
Ghostly pale
Follow it
Go through this
Ghostly pale
Follow it
Go through this
Ghostly pale)

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Comments from YouTube:

Assinelson Junior

Eu acho que sou o único brasileiro que conhece essa banda, não é possível =(

Felipe Parlato

Tamo junto, maninho! Obra de arte.

helicleide oliveira

Nem e

Elina Nilsson

Det här är mitt favoritalbum. Jag hittade det på tolvtumsvinyl i malmö och skrek rakt ut i butiken för jag visste inte att den var pressad ens!!

Chris Prechel

1 Cuckoo 0:00
2 Was It Even There? 4:36
3 Breathing Through A Straw 7:47
4 Half A Sentence 12:46
5 You Are Lucky To Have Nothing 16:03
6 Build Me A Wreck 20:03
7 Ta-dah 23:35
8 Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse 27:14
9 Counting Sheep 30:58
10 Forever Is Quite Some Time 35:50


thanks! edited into the description

Ryan Ashmore

Love this record play my vinyl copy all the time.

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