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While You Doooo
Teebs Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

John Joseph Garza-Corona

what a lovely soundscape, i can't even recall listening to this, it feels as natural as water and air, it flows freely and constantly in our bodies and our lives


Beautiful words

bex Coventry

John Joseph Garza-Corona stfu


It's a shame he's not very well known, his work is elegant and beautiful to listen to.

Be Nice

What’s happened? Is he ok

Jessica Bloom

just saw teebs in Florida for tipper and friends and I have to say that it was literally an HONOR to witness this man tear the pad up. I swear for the first 20 minutes his fingers did not leave that pad. so many people slept on that set. a damn shame. and here I am crying to this song once more. one of my ultimate favorites of all time.. I love you Teebs.


This isn't just music, it's a fine work of art in its purest form.


I need this implanted in my brain, I never want to stop hearing such a fine tune.

Jole Soleana

@Tyson Alvarado idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ Spotify recommended it

Jole Soleana

@Tyson Alvarado I’m chillin🌸💖☘️

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