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Behind Me
Teho Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Behind Me' by these artists:

Agent Felix and if I stare too long at the sky tonight will…
David & Loren Laue (david lee murphy) Said goodbye in tennessee I dried her te…
Guido Dos Santos You're copycat, get back I'm always on your mind Take a phot…
Julianna Zobrist They say your home is where you are from And you…
Malmonde Sickness is everywhere around me, I am among this hopeless c…
Rick West It died I felt it when you were holding my hand Well…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Teho:

Feuilles d'automne Tout comme une feuille morte Échouée près de ta porte J′atte…

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Comments from YouTube:

Raman Sharif

oh boy since i found out about this music I'm addicted to it
the beats and the drops are a total Goosebumps
anyone listening in 2021 tho???

James Ward

@Leon Mareno I'll check it out. Cheers!


Yeah buddy 🤙
Scrolling playlists and oh man.. there's some pure gold In my old playlists

Khaled Essghaier

yeah man this is the shit, right here !



Hey, call me CJ

yes! absolutely

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bid ule

Le soleil couchant illumine l'horizon... aujourd'hui c'est le premier jour de suis sur mon balcon et la musique parfaite pour accompagner ce moment. Ces rares occasions où toutes les planètes sont alignées.
Trop bon, merci Petites pépites d'avoir trouvé ce petit trésor, à écouter en boucle !

Ane mona

Beautiful what you wrote.
We have so many memories but just few will always stay with us, the ones that touched us deeply and changed something inside. 

''Walking again on the streets of the city that gave me home and hope for the second time after a long week, I was tired and hopeless - it was cold inside and out. Put my headsets and played the only mix I had on my device that started with '' Aalson. -serene''. I was looking at the sky, the clouds and an old beautiful church when out of nowhere  started to snow.  I was just smiling at the sky being so happy for that unique moment and everything else made sense.. surounded by snowflakes ad that sound'' That s how that track became one of few lifetime memories etched on my soul. Everytime I listen that, I live once again that magical moment..

That s how I discovered Teho and this channel. ❤❤


@French Paul Kalbrenner ok


@French Paul Kalbrenner merci pour la notif waouh j'ai enlever le commentaire, je crois que c'est une blague d'un de mes amis...

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