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I'd Love to Change the World
Ten Years After Lyrics

Everywhere is freaks and hairies
Dykes and fairies, tell me, where is sanity?
Tax the rich, feed the poor
'Til there are no rich no more

I'd love to change the world
But I don't know what to do
So I'll leave it up to you

Population keeps on breeding
Nation bleeding, still more feeding, economy
Life is funny, skies are sunny
Bees make honey, who needs money? No, not poor me

I'd love to change the world
But I don't know what to do
So I'll leave it up to you

Oh, yeah

World pollution, there's no solution
Institution, electrocution
Just black and white, rich or poor
Them and us, stop the war

I'd love to change the world
But I don't know what to do
So I'll leave it up to you

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Written by: Alvin Lee

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Comments from YouTube:

Utku Özver

They are probably the most underrated band in the rock music history.


@Real Morin i wasn't talking about music composition, i was talking about how well known they are/were. you don't know shit about me anyways lmao

Richard Grier

@Real Morin not lyrics, dickhead. Jesus you are slow.

Richard Grier

@Real Morin no, listening is first. And stop coming at me because you misunderstood my comment. If you’re such a good reader, read it again. I was referring to the title of a song, not the lyrics, genius.

Real Morin

In fact iam a musician. Since the age of 11. 8 instruments as a matter of fact.. wow.. reading is first boy

Real Morin

@Richard Grier you mentioned blues dickhead

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Billy Badass

This song is more relevant in 2021 than it has been in 50 years.


@Real Morin Nounthing has changed or ever will change because of human nature 😆

Real Morin

@Vestavia The power of the non-traditional words of expression resonate more with people that have an open mind. I grew up using the exact same wording and no one was persecuted for saying words that have been used for centuries. Now with Barbra Clinton she demands Politically Correct words. Lol She's never spent 2 minutes on the streets where i lived during a racial war. She is the ignorant one. She had SILVER SPOONS...we, had wood. But were way ahead of politicians. Make an LP that calls the government GREEDY....see how far you get. 10 yrs ago?. You could. Now...Hell no. Every race or creed would rip you apart in court...and business. Who's creating racism you think? Them ..." Politicians " or The ones in the streets everyday growing up?
Someone calls a cracker id bust out laughing . Oh ouch! Now its Phedophilia thats the bad one. ...WHY ? Feel bad for him ? Picking on him. ?. Yeah.. you bet i am. I lived it ..I dare anyone say something about my usage of the proper terminology... They'd never forget me. The world needs that change he's talking about. Period


No it's not... 😆 Nounthing has changed 😆 EVERYTHING IS STILL THE SAME 😆

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