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Weird Circles
Tera Melos Lyrics

Begin HC annex between
16th and s and t show me
Unassuming concrete so clean

Dark and louder hidden
Breaking all the pieces of your bones
Somewhere someone's trying hard to reconnect all of the above

Punk show, maybe
No bills posted

Dark and louder hidden
breaking all the pieces of your bones
somewhere someone's trying hard to reconnect all of the above

Circles in the dark and it's dangerous to move
I had my arm up and was pasted to the wall
Another cool confusion that I don't get but that's fine
Cause i was happy to go home and write a song

Contributed by Savannah V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Hive Atlas

I started drumming to this song and my mom banned me from drumming :(


@Jarrod Roberson atleast Bryan always has a ride groove Goin in good punk timing


@Hive Atlas buncha Ed Sheerans

Vincent Di-Natale

Do you still play drums?

Mark Horrocks

Thumbs Up for you.Thumbs Down for Mom's choice.

Jarrod Roberson

start listening to "Lightning Bolt" and really make them suffer!

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Scot McGovern

What an odd assortment of totally normal activities.


Ive tried so long to play and sing this song at the same time.
It breaks my mind.

Jonny Ed

I can't get over X'ed out. Only got it last week and I am completely in love with it. Most I've enjoyed an album from a band I've never heard before in ages. It's like the love child of some of my favourite genres of music.

Shoegaze, noise rock, punk, math, grunge.

It has everything. I see people complaining about the singing, with the occasional homophobic comment (for some unknown reason), but the singing may just be my favourite bit. So MBV. I love it.

Luciano Maldonado

THIS!!!! One of my favourites albums

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