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Terakaft Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Terakaft:

Amidinine wa dagh nohar timtar Amidinin wadar nohar timtar indid afal nozar. Amidinin wadar…
Djer Aman Ténéré war tat zenchegh Arheqqat war teyyagh tidé-nnet War t…
Haran Bardan La lettre On prendra sept fins pour te faire Vivre une nui…
Tenere wer tat zinchegh Yeah, I'm loungin', I got my man Donald Byrd I wanna…

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Comments from YouTube:

A Person Inside

keep the Tuaregs culture alive!


Очень классно)))

Naci Omay

How this is possible ? How amazing our cultures are connected !!


When the live performance is 1000 times better than the studio recorded one.. this is the beauty about desert blues

luis antonio vargas rossi

La música trasciende fronteras y credos, Suenan a blues árabes,excelentes !!!

Nord AFRiCA nord africa

Sond is indigino amazighen not arab

A. B

Arabs? Hhhhhhhhhh, what an insult

Čínský papež

son tuaregos, no bereberes

Camilo Montoya

son bereberes, no arabes

Mohamed-amine Boumzgou

no arabes ; this amazigh

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