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Ground Of Original Nature
Terranova Lyrics

Who'll be acted upon
And keep edging on
It'll be right or wrong
What you've never wanted all along
You know it
Ground of original nature
Don't be spoken for
What you wanted more
With the more you know
When there's nowhere else to go
Go with it
Ground of original nature
If we could be who we are
We wouldn't be who we're not

If we could touch what it was that hit the spot
If we could see over what
What's stopping us
If we could start at the top and keep going up
If we could hammer it down and lay the grounds
If we could move with the flow and not let go

Ground of original nature...

Writer(s): Jayney Klimek, Xaver von Treyer, Sebastian Mueller, Filippo Moscatello, Dietrich Bergmann Copyright: Hardscore Publishing Inh. Julia Snyder, Arabella Musikverlag Gmbh, Ed. Klimax Publishing, Ed. Terranova

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