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Wizard's First Rule 01
Terry Goodkind Lyrics

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i first read this book back when i was 16. i've read it several times over, and because of how much i enjoyed it i tried watching the legend of the seeker series, when it first aired. i couldn't stand how much they had changed things that i had shut off the first episode after just 20 minutes.
i finished listening to this first part of the book earlier this evening, and decided to try the tv series again, thinking maybe after all this time it wouldn't be as bad as i remember.
i'm 30 minutes into the first episode now and i feel like i'm being tortured! nothing is right about it. everything is wrong!! well, almost everything. they got the names right at least (i guess?)... but it feels like a giant mess, and i doubt it's going to get any better. if they had made it for HBO, and stuck closely to the book, like game of thrones did (for a little bit anyway >>), this could have been a great series. hopefully, someone will try again at some point, and try for HBO this time. go all out and make it the way it should be!
until then, anyone out there reading this post, PLEASE stick to the books!

UPDATE: the first episode physically hurt me!! this is awful! the further you get into it, the further it strays from the book >_>
why is 17 or 18 chapters smashed together into the first episode, but still not even close to what they should be?
why is there a quad of 6?! why is richard a whiny bitch that doesn't seem to like zedd OR kahlan? why does kahlan have the book of counted shadows? why is the boundary just a thin wall that a catapult can break through? why does darken rahl have brown hair and look like spoony? i can't take this seriously. especially rahl.
here's some links for context on that part XD
if you're someone that liked the series, good for you. honestly. it's just WAY to different from the source material for me to enjoy any part of it ~~' even trying to imagine it as simply someones fan fiction is not enough for me to be able to move past all that is wrong with it.
i will definitely be sticking to the books.

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Anthony Brock

Listening to remember the good times with my beloved cat, Kahlan. She passed away suddenly this evening and I'm completely shattered. She used to sit and listen to the books with me and her ears always perked up when she heard her name. I already miss her so much. 😭


I am so sorry to hear this. She is lucky to have had you in her life.

nft trapper

Horrible things cats

cyanide jack

I'm so so sorry. I miss my fur babies too. Brego died last year at 15. His sister Piper is still with me though.

Rosamartinez M

I’m so sorry. I never liked pets or understood how someone can cry for a stupid pet…til a dog fell in my lap…. We had to give her up cuz she bit my step kid…..I miss her every day and I wonder about her every single day. ♥️♥️♥️

Alan Ferreira

One of the greatest books I ever read and a wonderful introduction to an amazing series!
Terry Goodkind really crafted gold here.

John Besse

Agreed brother

wraith Walker

One of my favorite series I ever read. My favorite would have to be Robert Jordan's eye of the world series. Reading that series was a huge part of my life and let me escape into a world that was more real and filled with more life and friends and love than I experienced in the real world at that time. This series was also a huge part of that. To be honest these books and the authors that wrote them proably saved my life. I would like to give thanks to Mr. Terry brooks,Mr. Robert Jordan, Mr. David eddings and many more that helped me live through a very hard and lonely part of my life.

Anna Rozell

Wow me also! They took me away from pain and extreme heartache. I can read them over and over.


Also Raymond e Fiest , Magician

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