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by The Abigails

i wish i was a whirling dervish shooting stars and cold white walls.
well i want you to remember jail's a heafty collect call.
and all my friends are alcoholics ya
thats right and im one, too.
so i sold my tumblin' dice, and all our babies, they're so blue.
But im gonna send you post cards post apocolyptic love wrap your arms around
my trigger all my amo's been shot off.
and thats the last, last time you'll see me
flailing arms and shakin' trees.
Thats the last, last time you'll i promise you I've read myself complete,
ahh there's not comfort in Black Hell.
Well, I'm runnin' like a rooster
i got my head between my knees.
It seems my cock has got cut off
and many men they're chasin' me.
read a book or burn the bible tell your father he's your slave
watch your bestfriend layed to rest and toss a flower on his grave.
kiss my girlfriendin the mornin' and again at half past noon.
I was so insecure its frightening but i promise you thats through.
Im the rat and you're the cheese, there's the trap that set me free.
cuz i've always gotta have ya, but you don't always need me.
ahh there's no comfort in Black Hell.
Ahh theres no comfort, no not in Black Hell.
Ahh theres no comfort, no not in Black Hell.
No there's no nothing that you'll want.
There's no nothing that you'll need.
There's no nothing 'sept you're sorry and the mental misery.
Ahh there's no comfort in Black Hell.

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