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Gary Gilmore's Eyes
by The Adverts

I'm lying in a hospital,
I'm pinned against the bed.
A stethoscope upon my heart,
A hand against my head.
They're peeling off the bandages.
I'm wincing in the light.
The nurse is looking anxious,
And she's quivering in fright

I'm looking through Gary Gilmore's eyes.

The doctors are avoiding me.
My vision is confused.
I listen to my earphones,
And I catch the evening news.
A murderer's been killed,
And he donates his sight to science.
I'm locked into a private ward.
I realise that I must be

Looking through Gary Gilmore's eyes.

Looking through Gary Gilmore's eyes.

I smash the light in anger.
Push my bed against the door.
I close my lids across my eyes,
And wish to see no more.
The eye receives the messages,
And sends them to the brain.
No guarantee the stimuli must be perceived the same

When looking through Gary Gilmore's eyes.

Gary don't need his eyes to see.
Gary and his eyes have parted company.

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Timothy Smith

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Comments from YouTube:

Dave Baxter

Gary Gilmore was the first person executed in the United States after the Supreme Court lifted the moratorium on the death penalty in the mid 1970s.

He died by firing squad in (I think) Utah after donating his eyes to medicine. Hence the song.


@Marc Salzman California used a literal gas chamber for executions back then -- that's more progressive than Utah's methods? I'll take 5 high-powered rifle rounds to heart over asphyxiation.

Spencer Pace

@Michael Goda If memory serves, he was tested at around 130 IQ before his trial.

Marc Salzman

At the time, i was about 16 & wound up going w/ a friend from So Cal to SLC area for a 2 week vaca. & then living there for a year (left parental units at 15 or so); remember thinking that the DP by firing squad or hanging was cruel & unusual. Some aspects of Utah seemed pretty backwards by CA standards. Don't remember when the book came out (Executioners Song by Mailer) & what a big deal the whole thing was; as an avid reader from a young age I'd read the us constitution etc. & a myriad of law both fiction & non-fiction & case law, fascinating stuff, btw, imnsho. Apparently there are 2 states where hanging is still on the books & 3 others where firing squad is still on the books. Last actual firing squad in Utah was in 2010; Ronnie Lee Gardner chose that method, carried out 6/18/10.

Michael Goda

meesalikeu what constitutes a genius in your eyes ?


He was mentioned on countdown yesterday

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Dexter Riley

I always loved Gaye Advert's look. Such a cutie.

Jim Maher

Thats where Joan Jett got her ideas for her image. Live em both. My knda girls.

Keith Bate

she used to be a stripper just like Marcia Schofield from the Fall
I would have paid good money to see either of them perform !

Tuten Vanman

She appeared in girlie mags naked.

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