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The Album Leaf Lyrics

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Cat Flores

Dear god this song holds a special place in my heart. As a fourteen year old I felt as though I had nothing. I was completely alone dealing with the abuse going on at the time in my home. I remember this song emulated hope for me. This song felt like things were going to get better. I get emotional listening to it sometimes because it reminds me of the trauma I experienced but it’s also almost bittersweet. I only remember it helping me remove myself from this earth and where I was. I really hope that I could thank this group for their music. Their other albums and songs helped as well. This song just holds a special place in my heart. I swear it on my life, every time I hear it my chest feels as though it’s caving in and my heart just takes it all in.


I'm sorry, friend. This song heals my heart, too, sometimes, making me reflect on the absences of the things I needed in my life as a child, and the things that were too heavy a burden to bear. I wish you a healed heart in the end.

Space Raider

That's exactly what good music does. Good luck to you, listen to Sigur Ros...

Cat Flores

It’s been years now and it still hurts


i was 6 years old when my mother and my sibling and i all moved to a different town with a man who we thought would bring us comfort but in the end left us damaged and hurt. i remember crying and covering my brothers eyes and ears so he wouldn’t see the horrible things the man did to our mother. often times me and my brother would have to hide to avoid getting hurt. my entire life changed one night and i can no longer sleep without fear and memories of what he did. it’s been 9 years now and he is trying to reach out to me, i fear what he might say to me.


You're an incredibly strong human being who has been through a whole lot at such a young age. When I was younger I had to remind myself that I was safe & that no one in my immediate environment was going to hurt me. Seeing a licensed psychologist to work through some of my issues really helped me a lot & I really can't recommend it enough. It took a while to find the right one but when I did it was a great experience. It doesn't have to be a psychologist, a trustworthy friend could work too. Being able to let the river of emotions flow unrestrained was an essential thing that I had to learn how to do. Those negative experiences don't have to define who you are forever but they definitely can build a more positive, more empathetic individual.

Ernesto Esquivel

Makes me feel sadness calmly peaceful armory a whole history inside a song!

Tim Bartsch

Ernesto Esquivel
This is a Song to keep Calm

Lauren VV

That's the best way to explain this song.

Mash Ash

thanks to The OC, (probably the most underated show ever) for all the great songs ❤ miss the 2005's...

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