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A Right Handed Toast to the Queen
The Bitchwhores of Babylon Lyrics

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Harry Jey

6:50 visual and audio, text editing
13:00 visual and audio; steam time
17:20, 17:24, 17:30 audio; loud horn noise with red light
21:10 audio; loud train whistle
23:21 visual lil audio; HELLO HUGGY
23:36 visual and audio; THATS A LOT OF TEETH
24:03 visual and audio; PLEASE STOP MARK
24:42 visual and audio; (from mark) huggy please don't run in the factory
24:49 visual and audio; HELLO AGAIN HUGGY
24:59 visual and audio; too many teeth: a sequel
25:29 visual and audio; huggy is here folks
25:47 visual and audio; PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE
25:50 visual and audio; what that mouth do: a thrilling addition
26:03 audio; big bangs from huggy
26:36 visual and audio; endless teeth: the conclusion
26:50 audio; huggy bangs pt 2
27:23 audio; huggy bangin pt 3
27:53 visual and audio; WOW THAT'S TEETH
31:37 visual and audio; flashing lights and lightbulb popping noises

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Kudos to the game developers for how horrifying they made Huggy's vent chase

The Black Spartan

without NFTs



cecil ann baquiran


Ray Good

This comment did not age well.

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Huggy’s vent chase was absolutely terrifying. The worst part was when Mark got out and went onto the bridge and Huggy broke through the door and flew at him

goodby hello

@Christopher Lee as a great vampire once said "give me a hug!"


@ Popovici Alin i mean, yeah-

Tyson Hostyn

Yeah that was scary

Christopher Lee

He wants a hug :D

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