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The Blizzard Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Kalopsia' by these artists:

Queens of the Stone Age I never lie To myself Tonight. Rose, tinted eyes Color…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Blizzard:

Alive Life was empty without you Life was empty for me Then you…
Alone Somebody said: "It's not so bad." All I can hear is…
Battlefield The battlefield Has taught me so much Nor evil nor…
I Will Rise Brothers The abyss is before me My time is fading W…
Raindrops Raindrops like tears Are falling on her As the cry…

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Comments from YouTube:

Farben Himmel

One of the Best Progressive Trance Tracks ever made !!!



Shalev Lazarof

2018 and this track still kick ass!


2020 ;)





Tom Pijnappel

This is still seriously my favorite track. It's just unbelievable good and I can't understand how people can't understand what I see in this track. It's so atmospheric. I really want to make some sort of documentary about the planet, it's nature and so on with this track as soundtrack. It's so amazing! Well done Lars / Tore! By the way, it's not only this track but also Metanoia, Beauty Hides In The Deep, Surreal (Omnia), Fake Awake, My Inner Island. It seems like it's still the most undiscovered incredible produced music.


Class tune oi Oi

Umemployed Plumber

holy shit. I am so upset I did not discover this track for the past 7 years. My life would have been so much better.

Markus Lech


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