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No Time Like The Right Time
by The Blues Project

You have made the moment into happy hours
And in just that moment you turn the rain clouds into flowers
And I can see that you're afraid
You think it's some kind of mistake that you made
Well, let me set your heart at ease
'Cause I'm down on my bended knees, sayin' to you

There's no time like the right time
And baby, the right time is now (said that there's no time)
Like the right time, if you don't
Think that you can love me
You can bet I'm gonna show you how
You know I'm gonna show you how (hey!)

Every single second that you just let go
Multiply by a million, it just makes me want you that much more

You got me sittin' here countin' time
'Cause sooner or later you'll find
That a fifty-dollar bill
If you need someone to love you
Well you got someone you will, and

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