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Horror Movies
The Bollock Brothers Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Horror Movies' by these artists:

Bollock Brothers White Zombie The Horror of Dracula This Island Earth Franken…
Huxlxy Sometimes my life's a horror movie I change the channels but…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Bollock Brothers:

Harley David Harley David-son of a bitch If we get stoned tonight, fly…
Son Of A Bitch Harley David-son of a bitch If we get stoned tonight, fly…
Woke Up In The Morning And Found Myself Dead sehitam langit di angkasa yang mendung memurungkan bumi taku…

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Comments from YouTube:

Paul Bradley

I can't tell if this is the worst or greatest thing I've ever heard. Such a fine line. I think I like it.

MTB Molina

This is a gem.

Berlin Saint Clair

Grew up in the 80s listening to KROQ. BEST musical memories ever!


OH YA ! That was a great time !  I loved Elvira and went to see her live at Knotts !


Yup, and watching Elvira and Saturday Nightmares


i remember this from back in the day. very big in the NYC alternative/new music scene. i still have the vinyl 45.

Hugh Betcha

Wot a bollocking great tune!

Thork DC

you can find this song and many more like it on weirdsville radio!

royal nass

We love to watch horror movies during Halloween time


remember listens to them on NY's WLIR 92.7 (later changed to WDRE 92.7) great days, great music, great memories!

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