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Be Gentle With Me
The Boy Least Likely To Lyrics

Staring up into the solar system
All the stars are fixed up in the sky
I just want to sparkle for a moment
Before I just fizzle out and die

I'm happy because I'm stupid
Scared of spiders, scared of flying
If I wasn't so happy
I wouldn't be so scared of dying

So just be gentle with me
(I'm not as young as I was)
And I'll be gentle with you

I'm not as brave as I thought
'Cause my heart gets broken so easily
So just be gentle, be gentle with me

Wide awake, waiting like a target
Listening for things I cannot see
Insects flutter up against my window
I don't like the way they look at me

I guess I've always needed
To be needed by someone
It's a comforting feeling
Being under someone's thumb

So just be gentle with me
(And if I am ever mean)
And I'll be gentle with you

I never mean to be mean
'Cause I want to pick peaches off of a cherry tree
Just be gentle, be gentle, be gentle, be gentle with me

So just be gentle with me
Trouble is sometimes
And I'll be gentle with you

I just can't switch myself off when I want to so I never do
Because I'm mental, be gentle, be gentle
Just be gentle, be gentle, be gentle
And I'll be gentle, be gentle, be gentle,be gentle with you

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Soushi Stick

I have a distinct memory from when I was 2 years old in Bali. I'd tripped on a playset and I scraped my knee so I was bawling. My older sister saw me cry so she kissed my knee where I'd fallen and later we got ice cream. It was 2007 so she still had an ipod with a few songs downloaded on there. This was one of them and I distinctly remember she'd eat ice cream with me and come up with stories about the little animals on the cover art of the song. She said that my teddy was the one holding the balloon and all the animals were having a parade just for me. Good times. :)


Found this song accidentally and I'm so happy because I remember trying to look for it for absolutely ages a few months ago


I love the simple ness and childlike theme of it. It’s very calming and nice. Great job❤️

Chester Stander

These comments are like a time capsule wtf


this is so cute :) i love the part that says "i want to pick peaches off a cherry tree" that made me smile :)


i love the song it's so happy. grey's brought me here. this song was in my favorite scene ever.

Sveta Clarke

What scene was that?

J Jensen

why does he hate instects? that bugs me.


No pun intended

Little Devil


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