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Outsourcin' Christmas
The Canadian Dollars Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I am reworking all of my clothing items by size...that way I know what to fill out as far as sizing goes, the pictures tell me the rest...

Bingo L

Another great video! Thanks Chris for all the info!

Judith at FoxesBoxesMuskoka

I missed it! I didn’t really have any questions other than what you covered though 👍 great info!

Judith at FoxesBoxesMuskoka

We are going to try poshmark, but I’m not hopeful. It’s very social media based, which we aren’t into, and it seems to be very trendy clothing. Vintage doesn’t seem to do well. Lots of expensive brand names and then items under $20, no in between.
We get clothing free and cheap, and poshmark doesn’t charge to list, this is why we are trying it.
I see some sellers buying items new, when they are discounted, and resell higher (ie a Coach bag at the discount outlets that’s on clearance for $80; reselling for $120) It doesn’t seem like their profit margins are very high 🤷‍♀️


Enjoyed the video, Thanks !!

Laura Streicher

Was not able to be on live but watched it now thanks again for all you do...

doker bohm

maybe explain what steam yard is why do you sue them??? great video --as usually you do

Chris's Treasure Chest

It is just a online software site that broadcasts your live stream on YouTube easy to use and the basic version is free

Judith at FoxesBoxesMuskoka

If you are at Waterdown VV tomorrow, I saw a few things that may interest you. Jumbo cuddlekins wolf NWT near electronics/furniture. ($7.99 sells around $70) A couple LEGO sets, I hid them top shelf behind Disney buckets 😂 (My hubby instructed me not to buy anything haha)

Chris's Treasure Chest

I am heading there tomorrow I will have a look and let you know if the items are still there...thank you

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