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Unknown Soldier
The Casualties Lyrics

Oh.... Two, three, four!

Joey is out of school; didn't fucking ask for much
Couldn't get a job—the Marines, his last hope
Down at the front line with a gun, not a toy
Kill many men, not asking what for

Joey's family, the comrades next to him
Die one by one—his luck is running out
Joey wrote back home; his parents unemployed
The rich is fuckin' laughing; profits from the war

Joey is off to die for another senseless war
No arms, no legs—his mother cries at home
Joey wears the flag, so proud to fight for us
And for a government that doesn't give a fuck

Marching to the left, marching to the right
Marching on the front line, what a fuckin’ sight
Marching to the left, marching to the right
Marching on the frontline, what a way to die

Tell me what you see now
Please, come back home now

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Comments from YouTube:


95% of my music tastes come from my parents. Anything they hated, i ended up loving. This being one of them.

Alexander Armstrong

Omg same!


It’s just about being who you are you are on the right path my freind

Jason Trevino

Lol that’s the same reason why I love 70s and 80s jams.


im the opposite, my dad had fucking amazing tastes and still does to this day and its made me love good music, he might not like the casualties screaming, but he was a true punk in the 70s and 80s so those roots got passed down to me.


Get's me excited, I love this song. Thank you, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, for introducing me to so many simply incredible songs. I don't think I've played a Tony Hawk game yet where not only are there like three or four songs I already know and love, but several more I fall in love with. And I'm not even going to start on the nostalgic factor of them, especially Pro Skater 1's, as this comment is getting long, and that would surely make it triple in length. Again, I just want to thank whoever they have in charge of the soundtracks for these games, you guys are awesome.


Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Andrew Barsky

As tacky as it sounds. I pursued a music career that didn’t work, somehow ended up as a teacher here in China as a somewhat direct result of THPS’s soundtracks. Thanks Tony!

Love Thy Neighbor

His vocals are something special, it’s not just generic growling or screaming. I can’t explain.

Mike Ortiz

Man I miss my voice I could sing like that

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