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Let's Talk About Girls
by The Chocolate Watch Band

You want to know why I lost you
You want to know what's wrong with you
But nothing's wrong girl you'll feel so tough
Just lying here for me and that ain't enough

I've got to love them all day not just a few
Got to love those pretty girls is what I've got to do

Oh yeah - let's talk about girls
I said yeah - let's talk about girls
Girls that beg for more

See the pretty girls they're just walking by
Turns me on when she gives me the eye
There goes another looking so fine
I won't be happy till I've make her mine

I've got to love them all day ...
Let's talk about women

Contributed by Mackenzie M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dan Bartko

Great tune.
I always thought that it sounded like
it could have come out of the
Arthur Lee and Love sessions that
gave us "My Little Red Book".


Good shout.
It sounds the spit of Arthur.


Would've loved to hear this with Aguilar's vocal


These guys sit on the garage rock pedestal.


Hell yeah and Forever Changes is a masterpiece and my favorite album!!

Sam DiSalle

set to 1.25 playback to make this into a real rocker


Awesome cover!!!, If you haven't heard it, Check out the original by the Grodes, for me it's even better than this gem!


The Grodes played this song at a dance at my High School.


Hot tip. Thanks.


Is it just me or does this sound like it could've been a Rolling Stones' song?

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