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In My Element
The Clause Lyrics

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Stephen Pennell


Flying high In the sunshine
I won’t lie But I’m feeling fine
I’m coming up I feel a rush of blood
I’m in my element In my element
Flying high beneath bright lights
Draw the line but I’m on cloud nine
So pop your collar and roll
And wait for it all to unfold
Please excuse me if I sound bold
But if you live slow you’ll die old
One more tot before you go
Chasing fool’s gold
Spirits high off the back of a ten-fold
So how long before we risk it
On the buzz of a disco biscuit
It’s so good but so simplistic
Ain’t no room for the pessimistic
Lose ambition for the sesh
Just to get yourself in a mess
But I digress, let’s put these recreationals to the test
To see who comes up the best
We’re on different waves
But all feeling blessed
Just keep racking up the zest
Until the stress has been addressed
There’s four new colours in the rainbow
No bass line just straight techno
Well don’t be afraid to lose control
As the birds they get down low
Lights go out in el tiatro
Simmer down and vamanos
Always be in your element
Ain’t got time for your sentiment (x4)
Always be in your element
Ain’t got time for your sentiments (x4)

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Jason Hollis

I’m on a mission to troll whoever gave this video a thumbs down. Clearly a low taste individual. Easy 10/10 I’m posting this video every hour to my Twitter. THE CLAUSE 👍

Tinny Stephenson

Can't believe I've only just heard this absolute tune!!
Love the swagga from the lead singer too! Deffo needed!!! ❤🥳


What a tune. I'd love to write with them man 😭

Kitty the cowgirl

this snobs? not when i was ther4 ill tell yer that 4 free cuz i would have\


I absolutely loved Tokyo but this is next level. Nice one lads, hope you come up to Manchester or Liverpool soon

Chris Short

✌🏻 I'm in my element ✌🏻

Anoushka Coulter

Genuinely so addicted to this song👌👌

HecThor 88

Great job boys, im in my element too listening this song, greetings from Chile ^^

Nathán Burcher

Big tune 🕺🏻🕺🏻

Robert Bostrom

How does this video have such low views, love how individual these guys are. It's refreshing to not always hear stuff that's mainstream. Great stuff

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