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The Congos Lyrics

Row fisherman row
keep on rowing your boat
lots of hungry belly pickney they a shore, millions of them

living in a bumbo hut
in a little hole sea-port town
three kids on the floor
and another one to come make four

day by day i man step it
along the sea shore
hail brother John, have you got any wenchman
yes brother Peter, wenchman, sprat and mackaba

row fisherman row keep on rowing your boat
brotherman brotherman
row fisherman row
we've got to reach on higher grounds

Simon, Peter, James and John come a shore
to feed the hungry belly ones
so, row fisherman row
keep on rowing your boat
lots of hungry belly pickney they a-shore, millions of them

Quaju Peg the collie-man
sell the best collie in sea port town
Quaju Peg the collie man
ha the best collie weed in town

row fisherman row
keep on rowing your boat
we've got to reach on higher grounds
rain is falling
we've got to reach on higher grounds

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Comments from YouTube:

Ernesto Lombardo

What is it about Jamaican culture that produced so much extraordinary music? Why Jamaica specifically and not... say The Bahamas? It towers above the music of all other Caribbean islands and nations with the exception of Cuba, they're both up there in artistic quality, universal resonance.

Setter Hound

Calm yourselves n come to Ireland.

Winston Thorpe

@R.J. Paul Bahamas yes is rich indeed, but the American owns almost everything there,culturally jamaica is rich in talent, also in sport.


@bailjumper right- they could get radio stations from the US playing Motown and other 50's and 60's music and that was a big influence- you hear it clearly in the early studio one recordings. But obviously this was combined with the much older Calypso music and African traditional music to create the beautiful Roots music that was unique to Jamaica.

Blair B

Well, Bahamian as a culture never adapted REggae music as a whole as it was more symbolic to Jamaica and their culture. Also SOme jamaican hear bahamian busting in reggae they feel like Bahamian biting their culture. Not so much in just the negative sense,but a more sense of pride i guess. Also, one can credit Bob Marley and the likes for the universal stamp of reggae music. Bahamian music is just a different vibe, most of which never resonated globally,something called "Rake & Scrape",aside from the upbeat types there are some nice nostalgic bahamian music of our time. . However, i would be doing Bahamas an injustice to not recommend quality Bahamian music for you to reference. Look up Ronnie Butler & Sweet Emily, Phil Stubbs, ANcient Man, i Def think you would find something you like or can relate too. Additionally, Bahamians are talented ppl in general,though the native music is not so universal, you Listen to The T- Connection and tell me dem boys ain bad and wicked with the music, alternative and funky and ting. Sweet Emily - Ronnie Butler - T Connection.

Take time brother,music is life and love! Bless

Rachael Castleman

Midnight. Dezera.

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Damiin Jallø Dey

My great-grandfather Cornelius Elliott was a fisherman from Bull-Savannah Jamaica.

morris brooks

Bull sav,is were my family is from,the brooks,and heath


@Al Fred Korrupt i see what you did there

Bruce Britton

Yes, Elliots are from St. Elizabeth

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