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Always Going Down
The Contestants Lyrics

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"That's four no's Pat"

Me:Hmmm What's gonna happen now

Judge:Umm Pat-

Judge:Pat umm Pat that's 4 no's

Pat:*Stares into Britney's Soul*

Pat:CaN I aT lEaSt GiVe BrItNeY tHe FlOwErS?


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peak of humanity

before people criticise britney, she's had a stalker break in and nearly kill her and that really would have been traumatising so this behaviour would be very upsetting to her.

Tania Roman

He gave me the creeps


@Blood Luna REALLY?! You are going to say that Britney somehow OWES HIM A FUCKING THANK YOU?!!!! To pacify him and his stalkerish, creepy ass, serial killer vibe? GTFOH.

Student MD119

@Keine Daten No doubt he even asked the producers if it would be okay to say "hi" or something and they egged him on, possibly even suggesting the flowers instead of him coming up with the idea.

The more and more I hear from people who who have either been through the audition process or been scouted for these shows, the more I hate them. Having been a huge music and theater nerd in high school and undergrad, I have two friends who were scouted at yearly major (college) performances and a bunch more who have gone to open calls. Even open call auditions go through some sort of pre-round. If you absolutely suck and still go through to the celebrity judges, there's no doubt some sort of element to your personality they are looking to exploit. The "cringe" auditions have been let through as much as the fabulous ones, all for the sake of the illusion.

Those two friends have told horror stories.

These days you're almost better off starting a YT or TickTock channel.

Keine Daten

@Student MD119 thank you for reminding us. This man has been performing in front of the producers first and he was probably encouraged to bring the flowers. The makers of the show simply wanted someone like that.

Sakura Ichika

@Pastel Laura they were people have been calling her mean and unprofessional someone even said she could have said thank you even tho she doesn't have too

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What bothers me is that without Simon, the judges let the bad auditions continue just to let the contestants humiliate themselves. Simon stops them as soon as they've heard enough. I actually think that's the kinder thing to do.

Carrie Dalton

Hey what


No, why not give them their 4 mins of fame …… for courage!😂🤣😂


But these fails entertain as much if not more than the good auditions and that is why they keep them and even encourage them (and some people who have been guests in the audience has stated in the past that a lot of these fails are actually deliberate set ups).

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