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Slow Faze Fast
The Dead Trees Lyrics

It′s hard to imagine, but harder to scream
They take it in the host
Found dead on the scene

Well it's alright, it′s alright my friend

A placid of fools
What I have become
I take what you give
Just to give it on up

Well it's alright, it's alright my friend

I′ll say it twice, it′s alright
Cause we crave a slow faze (fast)

The simpleton
That I've become
Your hand on my face
You said my nose was your thumb

Well it′s alright, it's alright my friend

As shaking hands, so new on the scene
So comforting it′s obscene

It's alright, it′s alright my friend

I'll say it twice, it's alright
Cause we crave
A slow faze (fast)

Writer(s): Michael Ian Cumming, Noah Rubin, Matthew Borg, Todd Dahlhoff

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Perla en Viaje

nice, I just discover them and are pretty good

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