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It's Monster Surfing Time
The Deadly Ones Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I think I'm diggin' The Deadly Ones a lot more than The Lively Ones!


One of the greatest tunes.. It was released in 1964 in their album ''It's Monster Surfing Time''. Another great tune in this album is the cover of Duane Eddy's ''Rebel Rouser''


Tip of the cap to the guitar players on this one!

The Birch

Great song!! Indelible this guitar rif!!!

Adriana Marquina

Thanks for this playlist! its amazing!!

Walt Fechter

When I need a serious laugh, I cue up this video. Damned funny. I love to watch the monster emerge from the water with the voice saying: "Oooooh, that water's cold!" If you don't laugh, there's something wrong with ya. I like to see the monster knock off Tony Carbone (who resembles a Bogart-gone-bad character in this turkey of a flick).

alan harley

great song, great album, took me a while and a pretty penny but finally aqquired the lp.

Walt Fechter

Little Steven sent me here. I haven't heard this one since the '60s. Hilarious video perfectly teamed up with some king tone. "Ooooooooow, that water's cold!" Thank you, Roger Corman!


Sounds very much like Mel Torme's "Comin home"


I just heard this same track (and same artist), but there was a voice-over advertising movie attractions over it. Anyone know of that version?

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