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The Crane Wife 3
The Decemberists Lyrics

And under the boughs unbowed
All clothed in a snowy shroud
She had no heart, so hardened
All under the boughs unbowed

Each feather it fell from skin
'Til threadbare, as she grew thin
How were my eyes so blinded?
Each feather it fell from skin

And I will hang my head, hang my head low
And I will hang my head, hang my head low

A gray sky, a bitter sting
A rain cloud, a crane on wing
All out beyond horizon
A gray sky, a bitter sting

And I will hang my head, hang my head low
And I will hang my head, hang my head low
And I will hang my head, hang my head low
And I will hang my head, hang my head low
And I will hang my head, hang my head low
And I will hang my head, hang my head low, low, low

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Written by: Colin Meloy

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pariah mouse

I am here for Lír...
I remember.
I will always remember.
And regret, that too.
Wounded things are dangerous, remember that. We will just as soon bite the hand that helps us, if we think we might find any respite from our haunted heads...
Stay away from broken birds, unless heartbreak doesn't bother you.
For they will not only break your heart, but burn your world down, too. They will not mean to. And somehow, you will love them anyway...
The allure and lie of damage-
you cannot fix what was broken long before you knew me, you cannot fill a hole that is as vast as the canyon of loss is, you cannot bring back the dead, and only they hold the keys to my heartbreak, my endless empty sadness, only MY dead could sooth this ache... And yet they remain ghosts, largely indifferent to my suffering, and I wonder if I will ever have the closure I crave- will we meet one day in some golden meadow under a rainbow sky, or in a field of fire, or a white room? Whatever comes next, wherever we go, I want to know- I can bide my time here if you all are at the end of it, so many ghosts waiting just beyond the veil, I'd rip it from the frame if I could, to see where you are now, to see the country I cannot follow you into, just that small comfort, to KNOW...
But perhaps the point is not knowing. Are we meant to master heartbreak, is that our objective here? To love and to lose, and to learn how to KEEP loving and losing, maybe that is the trick, to keep your heart open even when vise-like fingers of pain grip it tight, is that the lesson? Or is there even a lesson, any point at all, maybe THAT is our lesson, that there is no point, no lesson at all, just animal yearning and loss without end... No matter how open your heart, you will taste the grave regardless of any wisdom or grace gained in the process of living, it takes us all and rips the hearts of the living left to mourn, irrevocable damage...
And don't get me started on the damage done to the living by the living, those crimes made more egregious by their avoidability, we don't HAVE to hurt one another so casually, we are better than we know, but only a few seem able to see this, and the rest drag the whole down to a level of baseness that would make any good god shudder...
Sorry. I travel on tangents, and deal in digressions, the worlds between the words, the things that slide from your mind as you let go of the constraints of modern thought- some magical thinking would do us all good every now and then, we are strangled by structure and formulaic ways of being, we need to get back to real heart of the matter, to just BEING- call me an idealist, call me a nihilist, call me a human being who just wants to breath deep and BE, to love and to lose as my fickle heart sees fit, even fickle hearts are better than greedy, empty ones...

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William Maranci Mashups

This album is so good


Probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in recent years

Nuclear Lunacy

“The only reason I wouldn’t be is if I get pulled over...For violating my house arreeeest”

Adam Alexander

Totally what brought me here too. 🤣🤣


Saw this at the Pawnee Eagleton unity concert!


I love this song! thanks for making it!

Benicio Rosas

They played this on Parks and Rec. It was fucking amazing.

Chicken Cheese

I haven’t seen that episode

Alice Halbeisen

Benicio Ro

Dann Cabredo

for the 30 seconds and it was glorious

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