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Milk Lizard
The Dillinger Escape Plan Lyrics

I picked your legs down low to the ground
Lickin' all the sweat droppin' off of her heels heels
She walks my teeth too when she walks
I held you down
Oh missy you's a lot to learn
If you wanna cry bitch go do it alone
Don't take no dares/time no not for me
Just cut me out

You crept up like a disease
Lookin' like a girl who is tryin' to be seen
Your heart was tryin' to beat
Now get back in the river if you're talkin' to me
Well you thought you'd tear my skin from bone
Just 'cause it was cold and you needed a coat
Tell Jesus you're still diggin' a hole
Start digging now
You can't stop sleeping tonight
When you want to go home but you don't have a ride
No time, just takes one touch from me
My soldier's weight

And you were there
And I was every question that
Never had an answer
I see right through you
And never even noticed that
There always was a reason
That we were never meant to be left alone

And it feels like neverending
This feels like neverending


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Dene Seal

The first time I ever heard any mention of these guys was in Guitar World when
Ire Works was released.  I managed to find a copy at BestBuy (of all places!)
and... WOW!  Admittedly, this type of music is not for your average metalhead
but after repeated listenings I began to truly appreciate what it is that DEP does.
Since then I have downloaded Calculating Infinity, Option Paralysis and One of
Us is the Killer and I am convinced that this band is in a class all by itself.  Sure,
they  combine more "listener-friendly" elements into their "mathcore" style but
isn't that what makes it even  more of a mind-f--k to listen to?  Check out the
background horn section on this song... it turns this track into a New Millenial
version of  the "Peter Gunn" theme.  Well done gentlemen!

All comments from YouTube:

Roman Korzh

August 2021, and it still feels like never-ending

Torgeir Gullbekk Hansen

2022, still here.

Jordan Brooks

Potato quality

Loliboku Productions

240p makes it only better


november 2021

Tristan Trismegisto

October 2021 here

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David Enoch

I like the jazzy ensemble tracking behind the bands with the trumpets and that piano riff, blends nicely

Erik Schermond

Fun fact: The guy who played the trumpet on this track is one of my oldest friends and was a groomsman at my wedding. He plays/played in a band called East Of The Wall, who consider DEP to be one of their influences.

Eric J

İt works really well - wondering if they ever get any horns to do it live, that'd be sick


4 years later and I still feel you 💯✨

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