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Mr. 44
The Electric Hellfire Club Lyrics

Greetings from the gutter where the red, red rivers run
I bring you sweet salvation from the barrel of a gun
Is she a virgin or is she a whore?
I don't really give a damn

I'm Mr. 44
I'm a bottomless pit
With nothing in it
A void filled with unclean spirits

A hound of Hell on a long, long leash
Can you count the number of this beast?
Mr. 44
Every time I pull my trigger

The Devil's work is done
Hellfire and damnation from the barrel of a gun
22 Disciples of Hell knocking at death's door
To each his own, but make mine murder
I'm Mr. 44


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Comments from YouTube:

jim ritzheimer

back in high school there was a kid in my class that sat in the back of the room and he was always putting up his hand making devil horns saying "hell fire, hell fire, hell fire" still makes me laugh

#8472 CubeBuster

came from a sad home.

jim ritzheimer

@josh schaefer
oh he was lol

josh schaefer

kid sounds goofy af


They look pretty badass considering I was working at Pizza Hut at this time with 3 of the 5 of them.. Rock!

Marcilla Smith

Make mine with extra mushrooms, please

Jason Radosevich

Same here.


Don't share their theological beliefs but i've been a fan of their music since i stumbled on this album back in 1994 in a pawn shop.

Blayne Greiner

Satanists are atheistic. Satinism =/= Luciferianism

Leo Vicious

If the dog hadn't said anything all those disco'ers would still be alive!

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