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No Hands!
The Elephant Circus Lyrics

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Wildlife / supernanny fan 1355848

This is the miserable life for Ringling Bros Circus elephants

They are in chains, beaten, prodded with electric shock prods and bullhooked in order to do do unnecessary circus tricks.

They suffer horrific conditions, get chained 24 hours a day and brutally tied up for training.

Mother elephants are never allowed to see their own baby calfs, they are pulled away from their mothers. Elephants calves that deem no good are often destroyed on day 1 by shooting them or letting them dye a horrible death in a separate part of the shed. Witness saw sick and injured calfs, juveniles and adolescents abandoned to a prolonged and painful death.

The terrified elephants are dragged onto lorries and towed in windowless containers for hours and hours. When they arrive, they are chained up swaying for hours on end.

The elephants are deprived, beaten and malnourished for the need to do tricks. They are kept in dark cold filthy sheds with no bedding what so ever and forced to live on gravel or concrete and possibly in their own waste which is very bad for their health. When they try to escape, they are often tranquilesed, beaten and forced to walk back and they are chained up again.

They are often starving and receive no medical treatment for illness or much food or water.

They are only allowed water about twice a day which makes them severely dehydrated. The only enrichment they get is their own chains which is not enrichment or amusing to them at all, in fact it's very distressing, terrifying and can be lethal. They kick the side of the sheds in intense distress desperate to be free, fear and pain and sway in chains.

They suffer in agonising pain and imense distress from the chains, there is no medication so they just have to endure the extremely difficult sad cruel ghastly obnoxiously disgusting living conditions

Elephants who are deemed no good have no retirement, just more abuse. They are cut open whilst still alive or die agonizing deaths.

Other elephants amwere hurled to slaughterhouses where they were jolted with electricity m, hung up side down by one leg, slashed across the throat, bled and skinned.
Their body's are then cut up to be made into ornament, suit buttons, wedding / baptism peasants and other traditions.

This is their very sad every day life of circus elephants. Please only visit large green sanctuaries to visit animals.

The next time you go to an elephant circus, please remember the lives they endure
1) Swaying in chains
2) Living on GRAVEL or CONCRETE
3) Giving rides and performing unnecessary circus tricks.
This is the life they endure which is a life of abuse, frustration and life long suffering.

The life of sanctuary elephants is
1) 24 hour freedom
2) Living in grass and water
3) Recieving treats and having a wonderful life


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Bryce *

The fact that they are smart enough to do these acts is exactly the reason they shouldn’t have to suffer

Andrxw !!

@Hurkil I'm pretty sure being whipped and yelled at by a crowd of people isn't happy


they are famous they are happy

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The End Of An Error

I can't help but wonder how many beatings it took to get them to perfect their performance.


proof they beat them up yes go back to the nature so the hunters can hunt them

🏹 ] • [ Kitty’Taru ] • [🔥

@mindaugas poltorak dude you might see normal elephants but actually they beat them up to do this , you’ll see how happy animals are when going back to the nature.

Ky S

Horrible. When there are a people who feel the need to take life; God’s creatures, from their natural environment, abuse & break them, for their own worldly gain… believe they got it coming, and those precious creatures… it’s good they were closed down but look how long they had it going.

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Joseph Astier

The Ringling Brothers Circus closed for good in 2017. These shows are history.


I feel blessed and sad to have witnessed them in their times.

Ines Vidart

They don't deserve this. They deserve TO FEEL ALIVE. They came to earth for that. But, as always, the human using pain for their benefit. I really, really, really hope this animals are in a better place now.

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