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Worth Everything Ever Wished For
The End of the Ocean Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Cheap Seats

So glad I just heard this playing in the background of an NPR report and that Shazam was able to pick it out. Great way to start my morning. Discovered a new band, and great, uplifting instrumental before heading in to work. Great job guys! Thank you.


I love finding new bands, expands our lives that little bit. It's like being given sanctuary as we discover each song, band by band. Makes me that little bit happier.

god denoy

İ think im gonna miss my childhood forever love this song make's me feel like im alive

Kitty Love

Spotify brought me here, and it kind of reminds me of one of those early 2000s bands haha

Carlits ts

One of my favorite songs forever!!!

Philip Archer

Well, it's not a song, strictly speaking... There's no singing, so, it can't be a song! Great instrumental piece of Post-Rock!

pjneapple andpizza

This is super relax, it's great if you listen this track when you wanna think some problems about your life and find the way to fix that.

María Ordóñez Marina

This song makes me feel some turbid stuff down my stomach.


at this moment, this is everything I ever wished for - ugh, so good!


I don’t give a ** I love who I love

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