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San Diego
by The Eternal Afflict

Watchin' the wheel
as it Turned down the hill,
like you Turned me down
into my Self-destiny,
every kiss means Pain,
pain and secrets to me
Is this permanence permanent?
That love shattered pride?

San diego
was a mistake
The sun burns
into my face
At six o'clock
I awake
Step into this
endless race

A man
stands there lovely on
The fiels
and a rabbit trapped
In the lime light like I walked
Straight into your zombie machine
The rain refreshed the air,
like My old tears reborn on my cheek
Is this permanence permanent?
That love shattered pride?

My hands could touch the sky
A fence, a wall I couldn't walk
Through the door to your
Killing touch, it could be all
Catch in green grass and isolation

San diego nights - remember

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