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Angry Anthem
The Forces of Evil Lyrics

If I had my way, I'd never speak to anyone again
I gotta say, I hate people I'm so sick of them
I just can't stand the bullshit I wish I was so far away from it
I'm just stupid and I'm angry is it immature for me to say

[Repeat: x2]
Fuck all you Motherfuckers
Fuck all you Motherfuckers
Fuck all you Motherfuckers
Fuck YOU!

I feel so lame, 'cause that's the best I can do to express myself
It's always the same, say the "F" word maybe that'll help
I'm so sick of trying to fit in, I don't even know where to begin
I got friends but they don't know me, but I'd tell the world to blow me


And there's just one more thing that, I have just got to sing ya
Everyone and everything FUCK YOU!

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Comments from YouTube:


How can 5 people NOT like this track? It's a banger!

Videl Phoenix

Spent 3 weeks trying to find this song again. Glad to be back

Stefan Topuzov

OMG, whoever wrote the lyrics knows me so well!

David Nash

YES! Haven't heard this in about 8 years. Felt a real urge to listen again in recent times.


I woke up really angry, a continuation from being really angry yesterday too, and this song came into my head. It was on a Kerrang! CD early 2000s. I needed this, thank you.


@SimonSupermanTV prolly because it basically IS RBF. 3 Current RBF members are in this group. Aaron wrote everything for Forces in response to him thinkin RBF fans would be upset with the release of "We're Not Happy..." because it wouldn't be "Ska" enough. :)

Connor Disiena

This is how to forget your nightmares "cough cough lost pause cough cough"


Me trying to ask a question in class: yo what if we-

The teacher: 0:46

Mason Wallis

mfw this song is on the Ska For Kids channel. lol. Still like the song though :P

Donatello Jose

This actually better quality than the more popular video.

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