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Angry Anthem
The Forces of Evil Lyrics

If I had my way, I'd never speak to anyone again
I gotta say, I hate people I'm so sick of them
I just can't stand the bullshit I wish I was so far away from it
I'm just stupid and I'm angry is it immature for me to say

[Repeat: x2]
Fuck all you Motherfuckers
Fuck all you Motherfuckers
Fuck all you Motherfuckers
Fuck YOU!

I feel so lame, 'cause that's the best I can do to express myself
It's always the same, say the "F" word maybe that'll help
I'm so sick of trying to fit in, I don't even know where to begin
I got friends but they don't know me, but I'd tell the world to blow me


And there's just one more thing that, I have just got to sing ya
Everyone and everything FUCK YOU!

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Comments from YouTube:


How can 5 people NOT like this track? It's a banger!

Stefan Topuzov

OMG, whoever wrote the lyrics knows me so well!

Lauren Rollinson


David Nash

YES! Haven't heard this in about 8 years. Felt a real urge to listen again in recent times.


I woke up really angry, a continuation from being really angry yesterday too, and this song came into my head. It was on a Kerrang! CD early 2000s. I needed this, thank you.

Videl Phoenix

Spent 3 weeks trying to find this song again. Glad to be back


As a sublime fan, this is fuckin amazing

Connor Disiena

This is how to forget your nightmares "cough cough lost pause cough cough"


Me trying to ask a question in class: yo what if we-

The teacher: 0:46

Donatello Jose

This actually better quality than the more popular video.

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