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Akula Owu Onyeara
The Funkees Lyrics

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Dancing Time Dancing time for dancers! it's dancing time it's dancing t…

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"Akula Owu Onye Ara," defined a generation that is winding down their lives. I'm glad I was a part of that generation who witnessed the musical transformation from Biafra to Nigeria. The Funkees were a product of Biafra's resistance and a testament of the Igbo resolve. They were mostly high school students or just recently graduated from high school when providence (Biafra/Nigeria war) altered their educational ambitions and forced them into music as a means of escape and indulgence. Chyke Madu and Harry Mosco first joined Celestine Ukwu while Jake Solo was with the Hykkers. After the war, Harry, Chyke and Jake formed the Funkees and added Mohammed Ahidjo on vocals (formerly with the Atomic 8 of Aba) and Dan Hibe on bass, Billy Aike on keyboard and Sonny Akpan on conga and percussion. They were the best innovative and uncompromising group around and never conformed to any music conventional wisdom. Their defiance suited the brash character and reflected the tough attitude of the town they are residents of, Aba. Aba is as tough as New York, if not tougher. You gotta be as hard as a nail to live in Aba, and the Funkees embodied that. This song, Akula Owu Onye Ara, is about the erratic behaviors of lunatics whose behaviors are controlled by some melancholic spirits unknown to a sane person. Aba residents are crazy in so many subtle ways.

Tobi McMorris

Yes you're right. And Lemmy Faith (vocals), Mike Asieme (guitar) also joined them at some point.

Wot Izit

Awesome comment

Official Jane

Thank you for this awesome and interesting history.

Uchenna Egwuonwu

@Hannah S lol

Hannah S

I thought the song meant “you don’t have to be lonely”? Also thanks, I didn’t know all that

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Bickliffe Oba

One of the greatest dancehall songs back in the day. I was about 12 years at the time. We used to peep into the dancehalls where the big boys and girls were digging it out.
This song made a big impression on my mind then; but I didn't know the name of the band the released this great music. Now I have known. Thank you Funkees!


Amanzingly superb. Despite not having formal musical lessons or trainings, these Ibo boys defiled all the odds stacked against them to produce one of the defining songs of their era. As a kid growing up in Port Harcourt, I met the drumer Chyke while he was attending Stellar Maris College. His parents lived on Bonny Street. I know his younger brothers too.

Cosmos Geoman

You're so amazing in your explanation and a master at your craft. Thanks for the insight.

Umaru Hassan

Really these guys are wonderful, even though I don't speak ibo, I like the drumbeats

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