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Are You Underwater
The Gerbils Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Gerbils:

Crayon Box Look what you've done How could you go out and watch…
Fluid Your hair curls just like hair And your skin feels just…
Glue She comes to me whenever I am locked inside my…
Grin I want To see your Scary smile I love Your certain Lo…
Is She Fiona early and black let it all lean back she lifts me up…
Lucky Girl Such a nice, little lucky girl wonders how she's alone and…
Share Again Those were the games we played And the pain I feel Teaches…
Snorkel snorkel salt water burning my Eyes you realize why I still…
Sunshine Soul Your life, it's only a record turning round inside my brain …

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Comments from YouTube:


This would make a killer closing song for an indie movie.

Nick Fowler

Clay, you showed me this song. I love it and you. RIP

smerckle ceaser

just learned about the gerbils and basically the whole elephant6 gang in the book 33 1/3 about Aeroplane Over the sea. Great read if youre into this stuff and nmh, it speaks of alot of bands of the time that ive never heard of

Nick J

The singer Scott Spillane was the horn player for Neutral Milk Hotel. NMH also plays one of the gerbils songs glue.

Lukas Marciano

That explains A LOT


10,000 views and 0 dislikes. I love the Gerbils


@Anony mous for you, for you anony, i'll make it five

Anony mous

3 now. now that you said something


Fucking amazing song, thank you, miss.

Cockatoo Magnet

Cool band

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