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Fortune Days
The Glitch Mob Lyrics

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J Cobra

12 year old me hearing this song on Pandora for the first time was life changing. Even as an adult it still gives me goosebumps


good memories playing wow

Stephooo 17

On pandora?

Pleco Army

Same here! I listened to this on pandora when I was 6 or 7 believe it or not :)


Yay... I'm not alone!

ThunderCock Jackson

oh fuck dude i came searching for this exact reason

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Lev Kashigin

This song started it all for me
It was "Person of Interest" tv series, where Fortune Days plays during one of the most fun and memorable episodes
A day later I downloaded Drink the Sea
A month later I'm full into electronic music, which was never really my thing before
Half a year later I decide to try making music on my own


Same except for the last step, plus I progressed from just shipping girls to embracing being one.

Alex Maurice

that was one of if not my favorite episodes and this song in the scene was a big reason why it was so badass

James Saunders

DERUE: Digital Extremes Requiem Ultimatum Eternum

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