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The Stairs Song
The Guinea Pig Lyrics

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I played this to my guinea pigs and one of them looked up at me like. “What is going on”
And then she turned around and started trying to kill my other guinea pig XD

June ( The one that looked up at me )
Is the dominant one so she just quickly pounced on her! Nothing serious! Don’t worry XD

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Sebastian Niccals

Ah, back when YouTube was fun and innocent...

Cyborg Jackson


Wolfy’s studio ᑭᗯ


Mrs. Bakugou

I miss those days…

Melinda Cruz



Yep those were the best

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It's been 14 years and YouTube is finally recommending this MASTER PIECE

Addyson Jacobs

It’s just poorly animated ginea pigs


@catchup ... it says made 14 years ago


What are u a time traveler?

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