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Don't Touch My Bikini
The Halo Benders Lyrics

You can feed me
You can breed me
You can need me
You can read me
You dextreat me
Even better
Make a movie
Mail a letter
You're so groupie Misbehaving Misbehaving
Sock it to me
Double dating
Always waiting
You can break me
You can rave me
You can trade me
You can save me
Overrate me
A new Satan
All the trimmings
Extra sinning
Total fitness
Keep on walking
Need a witness
Keep on talking
Skin is feeling
Getting rotten
Got a feeling
You've really started something
Don't touch my bikini
Better smile when you see me
You can stare
That's a freebie
Don't touch my bikini
Looking is free
But touching's gonna cost you somethin
Getting cranky
Need a spanky
Got no heat or
Extra blankey
Parking meter
Go to heaven
Go to Paris
7-11, Roger Maris
Take a cop car
Take a post card
You're so heavy
You're so honey
Getting ready
Easter bunny
Rocking steady
Making money
Toasting vegans
That's not funny
Skater betty
Way too sexy
You're so on it
You're so honest
You can pull me
You can scold me
All the teachers never told me
Heavy breathing
Hunting season
There's no reason
We can't form a plan
Don't touch my graffiti
Smile if you dare
Oily oinkers everywhere
Keep watching you graffiti
Next time you'll learn
That touching's gonna cost you somethin
You're so nutty
You can aid me
You're my buddy
You can haze me when it's sunny
When it's raining
There's nobody I can turn to
Heavy breathing
Sending meeting
A proceeding
Proper breeding
You can feed me
You can read me
Do you need me
You can trade me
Double date me
Total fitness
Need a witness
Bake a cookie
You can make me
Get some nookie
You can make me
When the feeling
Overtakes me
There's nobody
Who can break me
Like you break me
When you hate me
Extra crazy on top

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