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The Sensual Woman
The Herbaliser Lyrics

To become aware of my own sensuality,
I first become fully aware of my own tactile sense.
In dim light, I close my eyes and remove my clothes.

Do I lose his respect for being so wild?
Hardly. He treats me like a rare and precious jewel.
And he goes through the day proud of the fact, that with me,
He is the world's most imaginative lover.

Men pick amazing places for sexual adventure.
The wildest adventure proposed to me was in a bathtub which was full of Jello!
All I could think of, was how many boxes it would take?
What would be the most alluring colour?
The most delicious flavour?
And how could that affect our oral explarations?
If the Jello gets firm, would I bounce?

As you look around for what's new and different,
Remember these three important weapons that should be learned to keep a man in love.
Imagination, sensitivity to his moods and desires,
And the courage to experiment with new sexual techniques,
Enticing situations and places.

Lovemaking is physical, and so its its language.
Suck, cock, fuck, and prick, are not bad words.
Used in the bedroom by lovers to describe parts of the body,
And physical activities,
They are very proper indeed, and they distinctly enhance sex.
Overhaul a prudish attitude.
Don't whistle and stick up your nose, at least, not up in the air.


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Comments from YouTube:

Theodore Shtemenko

This one is a masterpiece of downtempo

Mohamed Farid

A classic for sure.

Gabriel Cuba

I need more songs with flute lines like those.


Try; Fingathing - Wasting Time
the pipes start around the 2 minute mark

Nikita Tsepliaev

wanna hear a skin flute?

Ronald Chu

You are welcome 🤗

Ronald Chu


listened to this the first time when i was 16 yrs old and it gave me an idea of what real passion means, long before i met the guy who deserved it

Pepe D

were you still a virgin?


Had this saved on Spotify for years but hadn't listened in a long time. I thought it was glitching when the vocals weren't coming in to discover that only the instrumental is there now what the hell?

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