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Stuck Between Stations
The Hold Steady Lyrics

There are nights when I think Sal Paradise was right.
Boys and girls in America have such a sad time together.
Sucking off each other at the demonstrations
Making sure their makeup's straight
Crushing one another with colossal expectations.
Dependent, undisciplined, and sleeping late.

She was a really cool kisser and she wasn't all that strict of a Christian.
She was a damn good dancer but she wasn't all that great of a girlfriend.
She likes the warm feeling but she's tired of all the dehydration.
Most nights are crystal clear
But tonight it's like it's stuck between stations
On the radio.

The devil and John Berryman
Took a walk together.
They ended up on Washington
Talking to the river.
He said 'I've surrounded myself with doctors
And deep thinkers.
But big heads with soft bodies
Make for lousy lovers.'
There was that night that we thought John Berryman could fly.
But he didn't
So he died.
She said 'You're pretty good with words
But words won't save your life.'
And they didn't.
So he died.

He was drunk and exhausted but he was critically acclaimed and respected.
He loved the Golden Gophers but he hated all the drawn out winters.
He likes the warm feeling but he?s tired of all the dehydration
Most nights were kind of fuzzy
But that last night he had total retention.

These Twin Cities kisses
Sound like clicks and hisses.
We all tumbled down and
Drowned in the Mississippi River.

We drink
We dry up
Then we crumble to dust


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Comments from YouTube:

Paul Kelly

There's not a damn thing wrong with straight-ahead rock and roll. And these cats do it better than just about any band alive.

Eliseo Mustafa

@Maddox Callum you are welcome =)

Maddox Callum

@Eliseo Mustafa Thank you, I signed up and it seems to work :D I appreciate it!

Eliseo Mustafa

@Maddox Callum Flixportal =)

Maddox Callum

I know it's quite randomly asking but do anybody know of a good site to watch new movies online ?

Christopher Shinnick

This is quite possibly the best song written this decade. My God, how did these guys get so awesome?


Oh man that one summer where I jammed this everywhere I went to in Oklahoma between college terms with some savings to hold me over until I went back to school and plenty of cigs


boys and girls in america is definitely my favorite album of the past year and definitely one of my top favorite albums ever...i really don't understand why they arent more well known either.


it's so good. I saw them in concert twice. I might see em a third time.


The hold steady are good because the songs they write seem to be about themselves. They write songs that seem to be about partying in minneapolis when they were teenagers. They sound like a bunch of suburban dads trying to rekindle thier youth by making a band. Which is why they're so cool.

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