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Your Love Your Love
The Hubbards Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Hubbards:

Alison Let go Alison Something I said, take no offense I can't apol…
Born to Fly Guess what i'm leaving till tomorrow When's nothing else or …
Bread and Cigarettes I may be deaf dumb blind but I don't regret My…
Cold Cut Heaven knows I'm alone and I'm a fool for you I'm…
Free Be free and fine But give me time To take what's yours And…
Is It Me? Shut your eyes it kill my favourite lies Compromised, I wish…
Just Touch I can do what you want me to Just reach out…
Merv There's a mouse in the house I'm afraid of Wide awake…
Pin I'm over done You're undercome Kiss me I'm drunk I know you …
Simple Getaway I'm scared to fall Don't make me fly I'm like a? I'll be…

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Comments from YouTube:


This band only puts out awesome songs, I've been knowing them for about 3 years now and they never disappoint, how they didn't blew up into mainstream yet?


The most underrated song in History


love this band, they’re so underrated :O

Will France

Awesome music do they preform live anywhere ?

Stoney Cat

Will France they're in Manchester tonight supporting Bloxx 😀

VRivers Five

That San andreas gameplay makes my day HAHAHAHA Great song anyway

cinnamon roll

one of my fav bands ever! they're so underrated, please give them lots of love guys <3

cinnamon roll

this is so cute i'm sad

Max Dennis

Love this, Thanks :)

Chloe North

Love love loveeee😁😁🙌🏻

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