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Into The Dark
The Juliana Theory Lyrics

Dad, your boy is about to fall.
He walks the razor's edge.
He's on the brink of fading out.
He's at his bitter end.
Dad, your boy who used to run, you taught him how to crawl.
He left home to find his own, now all he had is gone.
In your eyes I see a darkness that torments you
And in your head where it dwells.
I'd give you my hand if you'd reach out and grab it.
Let's walk away from this hell.
Mom, your baby is on his way.
He'll soon be at your side.
Cause he's forgotten all he's known.
A part of him has died.
Mom may never understand why baby's come and gone.
He left home to find his own, now all he has are lies.

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Comments from YouTube:

mark hall

One of the best emo albums of all time!

Eric Drisgula

Absolutely one of the best real true emo bands of all time, there weren't that many real true emo bands , this takes me back man holy shit .I still got a mix tape of them that i made in 02

Brad Wilson

Was a badass song of a pretty good album..Never did follow them after this cd but did catch them live a few times

Ian Tomkins

Have you seen that they are touring again this summer?


This is probably the "last" emo album. I remember that time when the term emo was getting obsolete and becoming mainstream. I think that's one of the reasons why they named the album Emotion Is Dead.


Look up Elliot. Album False Cathedrals. Such a bad ass chemistry.


I could throw several albums atcha around this time. All very under-rated emo/alt

Jason X

Brand New had a couple of good ones after this.


I was 15 when I started listening to this. Two decades ago.

Paul Rita

I can't believe it's been 20yrs. I was a 19yr old kid just discovering life. No regrets...

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