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Worry A Lot
The Like Young Lyrics

I've noticed certain patters starting
I want to be your friend
Oh, it hurts unlike a question
Do I want it so open?
I worry, worry a lot
It's much too much and I'm mad it happens
I do care. I really do.
I don't know you enough to tell you
Why do the hhours kind of kill me?
Just slap me on the face
No, I have actually lost sleep
A stupid little tick
Pop a bottle on the door, it's reassurance
I'm inspired by the way you word it

Contributed by Penelope V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jacoby Bateman

10 years, it has been 10 years since I've heard this song besides the short part of the lyrics in my head. It has haunted me. I have tore through Reddit, Microsoft, lyrics and music forums. Tonight, it came back into my head, and I said enough, I will find this song tonight, no matter how late, no matter what I have to do. Two hours later, I remembered 10 years ago, on my old YouTube channel, I put this song as a background for a video I made. I found the video, before I clicked on it, I almost teared up, could this be it, after 10 years of searching for this masterpiece I have longed for since I was a 13 year old kid. I clicked on the video and behold, the intro plays and I am staring at the video looking how bad it was, but the music was there. My life is now complete.

John Johnson

Congrats man!

Arty Edmond

I've been searching for this song for years now.It came with my computer as a kid😂Over a decade ago.My quest has come to an end

Mlg Breeze

yooooooooo, i've been searching for this song tooo. i was calling them "the like so young" but i finally found them and had to dig a bit more and finally found this song. i heard it decades ago 2 on my ipod.


It literally took me 30 mins to find this song.


It came with my iPod when I was a teenager 😊

Jestre, Lord of Fools

I feel the same

Kaylynn Wilson

Arty Edmond did you have one of those dells too? I had this on my laptop too!


Love this song so much.

Mauricio Santos

Love it

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