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Action Woman
by The Litter

Hey, Miss High and Mighty
I've had all I can take
Walkin' right on by me
That's your last mistake

I've gotta find myself some action
To satisfy my soul
A little satisfaction
Before I lose control

You say you love me good
But why are you so cold?
You say you own the world,
But you don't own my soul.

A little competition, now
Maybe that'll wake you up,
Stir up some ambition, yeah
And really shake you up.

Yeah! Oh!

I'm gonna find me an action woman
To love me all the time,
A satisfaction woman
Before I lose my mind.

Yeah, I'm gonna find me an action woman
To love me all the time,
A satisfaction woman
Before I lose my mind.

I'm gonna find me an action woman
A satisfaction woman!
I'm gonna find me an action woman! (fade out)

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Comments from YouTube:

Bonnie/Denny Sevcik/Waite

Since I sang the vocal on the Litter's, 'Action Woman', recorded 1966, I can't claim to be objective about anything. It does amaze me that people still listen to it, and say nice things, even. The Litter's doing a reunion concert Sat., March 3rd, 2012, at Famous Dave's nightclub in Minneapolis, in case you can make it. Zip Caplan will be using his vintage gear on lead guitar. Should be a blast. Love and Peace Denny Waite, Litter original lead singer

Sunset Vlogs

This is my favourite record in my collection and I’ve only had it a month

A. R. Henry

I have a compilation LP with this on it, unfortunately the 45 they copied had a skip in it. Great to hear it without the skip!

Captain Easychord

Denny, this is one of the most breathtaking performances of not only ‘60s garage rock but of rock in general! Hope you’re still playing in some capacity. I’m from Boston and play keys and bass myself, performing solo and in a group that does lots of ‘60s and ‘70s covers. Action Woman is a song that is held in high esteem. And someday I’ll have the nerve to cover it.


Yeah!! The man himself \m/ \m/ I love your vocals on this track. Still amazing more than half a lifetime later....I discovered The Litter from hearing this song on the famous 1972 "Nuggets: Artyfacts From The Original Psychedelic Era" compilation. And guess what? Your track is my favorite on the disc! What an absolute gem from the 60s. What attitude and tone that lead guitar had!!

Do you know the actual guitar that was used on the recording and what it was played thru? I just have to know being a dedicated guitarist myself. I'm only 31 but love, love classic rock 'n roll. I was thinking of covering it on my Rickenbacker 620 =)

greg bortolin

This one kicked off side 1volume 1 of the Pebbles series. So great!


Yup Pebbles for the win. And Rubble. Proud i was born in the era.

Maurizio Ferrarotti

Being a sixties fuzz fan, I love this song like many others from that era. The Aussie Lime Spiders did a good version of it in 1986 in their LP "The cave comes alive".


The LITTER!!!!!!!!! The LITTER, do you hear me ???? The LITTER!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!

Sherry Deatrick

One of the best songs ever! If more people heard this, the world would be a better place. lol

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