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Happy I Don't Count
The Loose Salute Lyrics

In your car it's warm
We talk but we're torn
This feels so right
This city with sights
I wanna stay, I hope and pray that you feel
The same at this, this running game

Talk at the bar
You tell me just how far you've come since we met
You kept your word you worked so hard girl
I hear about your day your office and what they say
The overtime and hours, your special powers

You drive me home but it's not my home
It's a hotel bed now there's something you said about ifs and ands
And holding hands with me but I don't count well I'm happy I don't count
I look at you once more and reach for the door but I don't want to leave because your all I believe in
And just for tonight we lived the good good life
yeah just for tonight we lived the good good life
Oh yeah we did

And just for tonight we lived the good good life
I played out in my mind that you were mine
Guess I'll see you sometime

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Comments from YouTube:


This is the most beautiful music video I've watched in my life!


'Tis new to thee.

Sikke van der Kok

Haven't heard this song in a year or two and it just popped in my head a min ago glad I remembered it :D

Dimity Needham

i love this so much. i want one of thoose costumes!! luv u charlotte and rob!!

Scare Crow

love at first hear :-)

Dimity Needham

if u like this watch 'the loose salute - its a beautiful thing', theres an amazing vidio, and it needs more veiws so please watch it and like it!!!!!!

Crazy Trucker


Scare Crow

Suddenly a break up seems so light....

Safira Nugroho

3 person is dunno abt freedom



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