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Blame the English
The Lovekevins Lyrics

Well you could blame the english and robin hood
But then again you're not that
If you ever smashed a fly you know how they feel
Hooray i didn't panic it's like

Seas tangle 'round your feet
Don't fear, fly on, tainted horses
Unload gently over the schoolyard
Roy did fall as jerome
Did you know tainted horses
They never lock you out

His picture's on the front page everywhere there's a stand
He occupies the small talk
The people in the line get worried
Where did he learn?
Whereever did that pony come from?

No-one gives answers but if
You're sorry help them worry
And as you'll grow they'll never leave ya
Don't just stand there, paint her, carve her
Make it flawless
You know we're gorgeous

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The seed that spawned Fredrik (the band) is worthy of a comment.

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