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Imperial March
The Magic Orchestra Lyrics

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Mike Or

Glory of the Empire (to the Tune of Imperial March):
"Glory be to the Galactic Empire!
Which will rule us forevermore!
It will bring peace, freedom, justice, and security to the entire galaxy!
The Emperor is wise and powerful!
He will defend us from any form of harm!
Glory be to the Empire! (3x)
The Empire will mercifully save millions of species
From the slavery and the tyranny of the Republic and the Jedi.
Our brave stormtroopers will protect our citizens
Who in turn will serve our glorious Emperor!
His government has provided everything we have needed.
He will rule us forevermore! We love him, we praise him, and so we glorify him!
The Emperor will protect us from any form of harm,
So we rise every morning to say:
All hail the Empire! Long live the Empire! And above all else:
Glory be to the Galactic Empire!
Which will rule us forevermore!
It will bring peace, freedom, justice, and security to the entire galaxy!
The Emperor is wise and powerful!
He and his apprentice, will guide and protect all of us!
All hail Sith Lord Darth Sidious, and his apprentice Darth Vader!
They will protect the Empire from any form of harm.
And guide us forevermore!
Glory be to the Empire! (3x)
Glory be to the Great Galactic Empire!"


Darth Vader: I see the melody is to your liking my Master. Sidious: Yeeeeessssss..... It is Indeed Lord Vadaaaaaaa. Allllll that is left is a name befitting of such a prestigiousssss melody, then our Plans will be complete.
Darth Vader: The Troopers were thinking of calling it "Imperial December."
Sidious: NO!
Darth Vader: Before his Death Tarkin expressed he was personally partial to "Imperial January."
Sidious: He certainly deserved to die if the Best name he could come up with being so Repugnant.
Darth Vader: That Rebel Scoundrel Han Solo heard a Demo and had the audacity to dub it "Imperial Febuary."
Sidious: Such arrogant Peasantry, and so Hot Tempered, he will be surprised at how well we can make someone like him FREEZE in his Boots.
Darth Vader: Master I sense none of these pleased you, may I ask you hear Just one More of my own disposition? If is not to your liking, you may strike me down as you see fit Master.
Sidious: SPEAK! Lord Vadaaaaaa....
Darth Vader: You have trained me well my Master, therefore I believe the Melody should be Proclaimed as "IMPERIAL MARCH." Is this to your liking my master?
Sidious: .....................
Darth Vader: Master?.......
Sidious: Lord Vadaaaaaaa...........


Darth Vader: As you command my Master.

(The story you never knew! 😎😂😂😂)

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Max Is Still Here

This should become the anthem of Earth once we begin to colonize other planets.

Levin Nair

malaysia will be the first galetic empire

Levin Nair

yes for the earth empire


space force empire

Matias Figueroa-Espinoza

iq 4000000


​@Prince Charming You're thinking of China.

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Ethan Mutz

“The emperor is not as forgiving as I am.”

This from the guy who telekinetically strangled two of his own people in the previous movie. How very comforting.

Don Jordan

Yeah, but at least Vader was social distancing.

The 501 King of the monsters

If you know enough of Darth Vader - Palpatine relationship you will understund

Cassie D

I always love that line because he’s so merciless himself 😂

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