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Snake Dance
The March Violets Lyrics

Take my hand said Cleopatra
Take me to the fires to burn
Save your passion and your kinship
Take me to the flames the flames
The flames the flames

Pay my price in pearls of wisdom
Tell me stories of my fame
Scented oil on troubled water
Take my love in vain

Break the heart break the heart
Break the heart of my very soul
Cast it on the desert sand
This dance catches fire with me

Take my body clean of blame
I am the heat inside the flame
Take my body clean of shame
I am the heat inside the flame
I am the heat I am the heat

Play my song the serpent whispered
Golden skin and eyes of flame
Painted heart and painted nails
She ran her fingers down the scales

Just back from the snake dance baby
I love you when you shed your skin
Just back from the snake dance baby
Open the door lets go in

Just back from the snake dance baby
I love you when you burn me up
Just back from the snake dance baby
This dance catches fire with me

Snake dance

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Comments from YouTube:


This still packs the floor in Goth parties.


I'm so happy to hear that. Hopefully one day I get to attend a goth party some day


It is always sooo great!! I wish I could hear this more often in my city.


I was never a goth...but this has always been a quality tune

Vermillion 303

I am proud to know Rosie Lugosi, a fine performance poet, among other talents.

Tadeus Macabro

I had the privlege of meeting Si Denbigh, Rosie Garland, and Tom Ashton. William Faith was the guest bassist. Performed on October 20 in Brownsville, Texas. <3 They were so friendly.


I saw the March Violets supporting The Danse Society in Leicester one November in the early 80's. Great gig but the drive back to Northants was a nightmare as there was thick fog and you could hardly see where you were going!

James 225

is there any better weather for classic goth though?

Amanda Trumbull

I listen to this on repeat

Andrew Phipps Phillips

Got this 12" on vinyl AND that Natural History LP (complete with hard-to-find lyric sheet). Bet its worth more than the £11 I paid for it in 1989 now. One of my treasured possessions along with a SOM First & Last gatefold edition.....

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